The Federal Maritime Commission Newsroom Consumer Alert – Warning to Yacht Purchaser

The Commission has recently received an increased number of complaints involving the international transport of yachts purchased by individual consumers

Examples of recent complaints include:

1.Delays in shipping and delivering cargo;

2.Use of boilerplate contracts that allow the shipping company to wait as long as a year to ship the yacht while requiring the consumer to pay storage fees and a significant penalty should the consumer cancel transportation service; and

3.Failure of the shipping company to accurately disclose costs and delivery terms of service.

To avoid problems with shipping yachts internationally, consumers should take the following precautions:

1.Read and understand the shipping company’s written terms and conditions prior to contracting for services;

2.Understand the shipping company’s cancellation policy prior to contracting; and

3.Ensure that any required delivery windows are specifically provided for in the written contract.

By Boat Importers