I need some insights, I am currently sailing and I had hoped to have my renewal approved for print before today 11/3 as today my credential expires. The company is telling me that I can finish the next 4 weeks of the hitch because I have THUET. The CFR’s say I am not credentialed. I don’t know what to do because the crewing agency is saying I would be in breach of contract if I leave on the next port stop and that they won’t pay me. I let the crewing agency and the client know that I sent my paperwork in for renewal and that I wasn’t in possession of the renewed credentials before boarding. At this point I know that it won’t be approved to print before the end of the hitch because the CG is requesting more information. What should I do?

Should’ve renewed earlier.

If your credential expires underway, you can continue to sail until the end of the voyage.

I’m not sure what the definite of “end of the voyage” is, but it must be at least until the next US port.

If you are signed on for 90 days, the end of the voyage arguably might be the first port after your 90 days.

How about the ‘effin’ NMC should do its job in a prompt and timely manner.

We need a new rule. If a renewal is not processed and mailed within 10 days, the fee must be refunded. If we had that rule, NMC would have more staff and all the renewals would be issued within 10 days.


The next port is in USA on 11/9. Basically I sail illegally per the CFR’s or I risk not getting paid or getting bogged down in a legal battle with a UK. crewing agency with an airtight contract. The client and the crewing agency knew in advance of my situation concerning my credentialing. I don’t see why they are threatening me with non payment? I did my due diligence prior to sailing in mentioning my situation clearly and in writing.

@neutralobserver Brilliant. Had I then you wouldn’t of had this opportunity to project your displeasure with your own existence on others. You’re welcome

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I assumed you are sailing on US credentials, but is it foreign flag with a foreign CeC?

You might have the renewal by your next US port.

Personally, I’d probably just stay on and hope for the best.

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It is a US flagged vessel but I went through a UK crewing agency.

Actually, this would slow down the process. Someone has to process the refunds. There is no connection between the NMC funding/billets and the fees collected. The fees just go into the general funds of the US government.

Not sure why, when every sector of the economy is suffering from labor shortages, you expect that those same forces wouldn’t negatively impact the staffing at the NMC. The NMC is competing for the same limited number of workers as the rest of the economy.


Why’d you let it get this close to expiration?

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If it’s a US flagged vessel what does the UK agency have to do with it?

Frankly I’m surprised they sent you on a job with a credential that was expiring so soon.


I’m not surprised they sent him out. They will do anything to fill a pier head jump today.

Thank you for your input!

Does that mean you haven’t done something you have to do to renew, for example Basic Training Revalidation/Refresher? If so, I will join the chorus of why did you wait so long to apply for renewal. Also, perhaps the time to ask your question was before committing to a placement that might last beyond the expiration of your MMC.

As a note for next time, and to others, there is no good reason to end up in this situation. 46 CFR 10.205(a) allows you to apply to renew up to 8 months before your MMC expires and get a post-dated MMC that starts on the day your current one expires.


“labor always gets paid” … they’d have a hard time NOT paying you for services rendered. I’d sail.

Do you mean you can continue to ride?

Can you point to the cfr that allows you continue sailing to the next port? The only one I know is 46 CFR 10.205 (c):

A mariner may not serve under the authority of an MMC past its expiration date.

I cannot point you to the CFR.

I just recall that the issue has arisen in the past, and shoreside management claimed it was legal to keep the guy working onboard until the end of the voyage in a US port.

Given the current crew shortage, some companies now tolerate guys without all the right credentials.

More information was requested which means the application was incomplete. Check the NMC, over 50% of submitted applications are incomplete. Any other agency would just return to and tell you to come back when you have everything, they at least tell you and give you 90 days. Plus you can request renewal up to 8 months ahead of time, the renewed MMC will be posted dated, you do not lose time due to the old license creep.

In all honesty? It’s not their money; I doubt they could care less. Just satying…

If NMC had to refund fees due to slow performance, whoever had to write the checks would start complaining. NMC would be told to get its act together.