The Dutch can do

You need to move some small tugs and only have one pusher tug available?

No problem, if you are Dutch:

Transport of 4 Damen Shipyards built newbuilding units enroute Antwerp for further transportation From forward to aft: TIBISTI YN 571816 (Damen Stan Tug 1606) BER ABLAL YN 501704 AJDABIYA YN501703 sister vessel of BER ABLAL both Damen Pushy cat 1305 RASCO 8 YN 501114 (Damen Stan Tug 1004)Photo : Arie Boer ©

Damen has a tug design called Pushy Cat !?! :joy: That is awesome, great to know there are still corporations with a sense of humor.

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Yes the Dutch not only “Can do”, they also have a sense of humor.