News about the tugworld

How to future proof tugs may net be a hot topic everywhere, but a Webinar organized by Riveira has taken up the subject:

A new magazine for the Tug World has started publishing:

India is demanding that ports only use tugs built in India:,the%20’Aatmanirbhar%20Bharat’%20drive.

I don’t think there will be any protest about “non-competitive market” from US authorities on this move.

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My India visit has been taken off the bucket list for more reasons than this.

Covid-19 is a powerful disincentive to travel.
PS> You probably would get a visa anyway.

Bathtub or tug?…/imo…/vessel:SVITZER_LIWA

But probably VERY efficient and suitable for it’s purpose.

Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd have announced that the LNG-fuelled tugboat Ishin, which is owned by MOL and operated by MOL Group company Nihon Tug-Boat Co., Ltd, has won a ‘Ship of the Year 2019’ award in the Work Ship/Special Purpose Ship category:,Ship%2FSpecial%20Purpose%20Ship%20category.

Have a closer look at the tug Ishin:

Svitzer is busy increasing their fleet worldwide:

And Turkey is busy building them.

Seaspan increase their tug fleet in BC:,Seaspan%20chief%20executive%20Frank%20Butzelaar.

Rob Allan, the CEO of Robert Allan Ltd. has been named a Honorary Member by the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers (SNAME):

An era in the tug world has ended:

Dutch variety of Push tugs and MultiCat:

Arrival of the hull of a Damen MultiCat 3013 with YN 571822 at the Damen Yard in Gorinchem the hull which was built in Poland and arrived in tow of the Damen built Stu 2207 EGESUND in Rotterdam and was pushed by the GEERTRUIDA VAN DER WEES to Gorinchem Photo : Arie Boer ©

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Good news about an old tug:

B.C.'s last wooden steam-powered tugboat being restored for 100th birthday next year.

A very well equipped tug for all purposes:

The Neptune Marine Hardinxveld 2020 delivered DP 2 tug TSM OUESSANT equipped with a 4-point mooring system, a spudleg system, a Heila 280 deckcrane and an 120 ton/metre deckcrane and an 100 ton AH winch enroute Brest Photo : Joop van Toorn – Papendrecht ©

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Anybody here who have used this new link??



Ship of the Year 2016… One of the submitted works ・ Tugboat “Ume maru” is cute. Round hull + full swivel propulsion + suction device!:

I haven’t seen a “Lankonect” on a tugboat, but a similarity configured “soft shackle” is pretty commonly used in combination with a snatch strap for recovering stuck 4x4 vehicles. Other outdoor enthusiasts have been using them in lieu of carabineers for a bunch of different applications. They are a little hard to inspect for wear and present a small radius to what they are attached.

Singapore lead the way with LNG powered tugs:

Other than mentioning it takes 3 times longer to bunker these LNG-powered tugs there doesn’t seems to be anything concerning fuel capacity. Just wondering what their time between bunkering is.