News about the tugworld

The brandnew Damen Shipyards built Shoalbuster 3514SD DP2 BRUTUS during yard trials/first dancing lessons. Photo : Arie Boer ©

More Damen built tug hulls waiting for sale and outfitting to buyer’s requirements:

The SMIT BARGE 10 loaded with a full carousel system pushed by the DALTON entroute from Chempark Leverkussen to Rotterdam Photo : Joop van Toorn- Papendrecht ©

Dalton with the bridge in the low position:

From Maasmond Newsclipping today:

Anybody here who care to help?

This is the new Stan Tugs for Great Lakes Towing Company :

Svitzer is doing their part:

Spending $$$$ zillions to reduce the minuscule emissions from tugs (compared to cars, trucks, trains, ships, and buildings) is utter bullshit. Very expensive bullshit.

Kind of like worrying about the emissions from hummingbird farts.

Well, many humming birds make a big flock!!! (or many small farts cause one big stink, if you want)

There are many harbour tugs around the world and they are getting more and more powerful. (>100 m.t. BP)
Together they produce a lot of GHG (and lots of local particle pollution)

I don’t know how much it cost to go from MDO to Biofuel, but Maersk/Svitzer are willing to spend a few $$ for the common good and reduced air pollution in London.

I also don’t know the cost of fuel cells relative to diesel engines, nor methanol to MDO, but I doubt that it is in $$$ Zillions.

One thing is for sure; if nobody dare to try something new, we will not progress on anything.
Thanks heaven the Irish dared to try when somebody suggested that wheels would be a good idea. (Amazing the power a few pints of Guinness can have)

Nov 21 the German Navy tug WANGEROOGE (MMSI: 211211960) in a rather delapidated state has been towed by the tugs VB RECHTENFLETH and VB RONNEBECK from Wilhelmshaven to Rostock and is seen here in the locks of the Kiel Canal in Kiel-Holtenau. The ship berthed at Tamsen Maritim in Rostock on Nov 22.
Photos: Tim Schwabedissen ©

PS>More like electric booster motors than actual hybrid. Main propulsion is still direct diesel drive. No battery packs.