The career outlook for 2014 thus far

I would like to get the opinion of those who have been in this field and those who are just starting out…

What do you see the outlook for this industry being for 2014, 2015 , 2016 (basically the next five years). I am not asking if you think there is a need for the acutal industry of commercial shipping for frieght, tugs, cruises etc. I am asking if you see the industry getting flooded with people maybe more then qualified personnel even to the point that they are putting over qualified individuals in entry level positions just to help them get food on the table back home.

Are people flocking to the merchant marine industry to battle through this economy recession to help save mortages, put food on the table, help their children go to college thus flushing out someone the people that have been working hard in this field for over 25+ years?

What we read online/propaganda/marketing and the truth of the availability of jobs can be two different worlds. I want to read real experiences on your beliefs whether its getting harder and harder for you to get on that next boat going out that you depended on.:confused::confused::confused: