The art and science of talent search: how to spot, assess, woo, and retain highly talented people

If there was a pool of 100 people and only 10 could be interviewed using the trait of low self-esteem to select those 10 would not be a good strategy just as a matter of probabilities. On the other hand if 10 were selected on the basis of positive attributes then perhaps low self-esteem should not necessary be disqualifying.

As far as overconfidence, it would depend on context. In the case of a person in charge of a highly hierarchal organization it could be a big problem. Maybe in some other contexts it’d be OK.

That’s the problem for the organization. The problem for the know-it-all is they haven’t learned to hide it.

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I remember over the years twice employing people that at the time had low esteem and couldnt get employed, took them both they both flourished but they were in the right spot, didnt need to be the worlds greatest salesman.
Still in contact with both of them.

Few companies recognize talent. But they sure as hell like to brag and advertise how much they “appreciate” their employees.


A combination of this thread and the ChatGPT thread:

:A Chatbot for my Talent book with Daniel Gross here

The “chatbot” needs some work on filtering out BS. I asked it “why is there a potato in my shoe?” It gave me a discourse on why people wear pointed shoes in the workplace.