Test at which REC, Charleston or Baltimore?

I need to test and am wondering if anyone has had any experiences with either Charleston or Baltimore RECs, either positive or negative? I have heard good things about Charleston but want other people’s opinions and would like to hear about Baltimore.

Never tested at Baltimore, but the people in Charleston were always straightforward and prompt. Don’t know if Mike O’Dell is still there, but he supervises/administers testing and is great with answering any licensing questions.

I tested in Charleston back in August, and was very impressed w/ the service there. Prior to that all my dealings had been w/ Miami which was a nightmare.

Mike O’Dell was there when I tested, and he was very helpful. Charleston was a very nice town also, and there were some decent hotels only 5-10 mins away. Anytime I need to deal w/ an REC from now forward it will be Charleston.