Different REC Location Testing Experiences?

Looking to take my 3 A/E exams finally. I’ve heard places like Boston and Miami are horrible testing sites for example. Are some REC’s known to be better than others for testing?

REC Miami is in some big federal building and a pain to get in because they have a lot of security and a line around the block in the morning but will sometimes let people testing skip the line. Everything was fine once I got in. They handed me tests and I took them and they told me my score.

REC Toledo was in a random (but historic) office building in downtown Toledo and was about the same once I got in. I don’t think there’s really too much to an REC. I haven’t been to any others. If you have the material down you’ll only be there for a few hours in your entire life for engine exams.

REC Baltimore is located in the historic 1907 Custom House downtown and is well worth a visit even if you don’t need to visit a REC. there is a security guard that sits immediately inside the large doors at the grand entrance. Ask him or her nicely if you can visit the Call Room (usually locked) and they will most likely arrange for someone to let you in.

From wiki:
The Call Room is the Custom House’s most impressive, and historically significant, space. The walls have paired Ionic pilasters supporting an entablature with a paneled frieze. The paneled cove rises to the central ceiling panel, measuring 63 feet by 30 feet, and adorned with a mural entitled Entering the Harbour . It depicts a fleet of ten sailing vessels: ships including a whaler, barks, a barquentine, a brig, and a schooner entering the harbor. The panels of the cove and frieze, five lunettes on the east wall, and the borders of the ceiling panel depict the evolution of navigation. They portray over 125 vessels, from ancient Egyptian ships to the R.M.S. Mauretania of 1907, accompanied by J. P. Morgan’s yacht, the Corsair .


New York is a pain in the ass to get to.

Boston is a pain in the ass to park at.

Houston is in a building with an easy lot right near Hobby Airport.

New Orleans isn’t anywhere near New Orleans and is in a strip mall.

Oakland is straight forward. Parking garage across the street, not that expensive. There’s a cafe in the federal building where the REC is that has good breakfast burritos. Lots of big tables where I crammed before the tests.

Long Beach REC isn’t too bad. Parking garage around the corner. Sometimes it can take some time waiting to go thru security since they are in the world trade center in LB. Plenty of good places to eat in walking distance.