Temporary Jobs

Temp jobs wanted

Yeah, me too. Top pay or dream job, only contact me if you can offer one of those, and have been waiting around for someone to stumble through the front door.


AMO ship goes to Antarctica every year. They’re desperate for people. Go check out the union.

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What paper do you hold?

Troll, or dumbass, which one?



Anyone know of an outfit that could get me to Alaska in the winter for 14-45 days ish. 3rd Unlimited, PIC and Towing. Also have z drive experience so ship docking is an option also

I wonder why they are desperate for people? Mariner shortage or something else?

AMO job board is like 10 pages right now

@BeerCaptain Post pictures of the AMO job board. It would be interesting to see what jobs are available.

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Join the union and see for yourself

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No thanks my union posts job on an open board for anyone to see. You can go in and look see a job you like join and take it that day. I was just curious what AMO had available. I wouldn’t want to join a union to take jobs I didn’t first see. Someone said you have to ship out once before you even get access to the AMO online job board. Is that true?

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What union is this

Nope. I had access to the board, it’s how I got my first job.

As an applicant you do not get access to the job board until you have sailed 90 days on an AMO vessel.

AMO told me i need to find my own job, then they would help me after that. Why join a union if you have to find your own job?

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