AMO jobs?

How on earth does one get into the AMO? I’ve sent them all the information they asked for. I call them and I just get the run around: “there are currently no jobs available.”. I’ve had recommendations sent by existing members. I’ve offered to to pay all dues/initiation upfront. All this and they still advertise in all the magazines claiming they are looking for new members. Who does one have to get in touch with. I need (good)work, soon.

Ok then, Cap- I’m an engineer- it’s already fixed.


I’m sorry JBM.PDX but something just doesn’t sit right with your post. There is no way in hell the AMO just lets people go out there and solicite jobs on their own. I’m not buying it and I wonder about much of the rest of your post. None of that has ever been my experience with that bunch of “very fine fellows” in Dania who are always looking out for the interests of their rank and file. (NOT!)

I was just sharing my experience- ya know- trying to be helpful- for whatever it is (or is not) worth. I’m not sure what specifically you disagree with- but since I’m not really concerned w/being ‘right’- I’m not really concerned about being ‘wrong’ either. I have no agenda that I’m aware of- I’m not trying to co-opt anybody or anything- or spread dis-information- if that’s what you were getting at. Look- if someone needs a job- and they are tired of relying on other people (who don’t even know them) aren’t coming through- because they are kind of busy w/other things- then they should do whatever it it is they want (or have) to do. It might work out for them- or it might not.

Here’s my point, Cap- if someone wants to join AMO- then start by googling “ocean ranger jobs”- which will take you to Crowley’s website- and although AMO has the exclusive class to get certified as an “ocean ranger”- and although you have to join AMO once you go to work as an “ocean ranger”- being an AMO member isn’t a pre-employment qualification. And if you call AMO to sign-up for the class- regardless of whether or not you are already an AMO member- the first thing AMO is going to ask is if you have already applied to Crowley- because it doesn’t look like Crowley has submitted your name yet. So my question is- why do companies that hire AMO members exclusively have websites that direct the job applicants to submit their resumes directly to their office? Maybe I’m the one who doesn’t get it.

I know of several who have have gotten jobs through shipping companies by calling them or sending resumes. At least, it was that way a few years ago . You could get the company to request you . I am sure the AMO management didnt care for it but as long as they got thier cut nobody made a big fuss about it .

Government contracts give a company selectivity and recall. The unions would have a hard time preventing a company selected mariner from getting on board. I’m not saying this is or is not the case here, only that government contracts provide a way.

The one AMO job I did was on a TAGOS boat with MLL. I called MLL directly and was on a plane two days later. Union paperwork was filled out once I was aboard and dues taken out at that time.

All right then CapC- thanks for sharing. Ya know- just because you believe something doesn’t make it true. However- I have no problem telling you what you’d like to hear- which is- just call down and checkin @ The Beach- leave your name & number- and we’ll get back to you as soon as something comes up. By the way- ever been to Diego Garcia?