Taxes-Don't do what I did


With the up coming tax season at hand do not do what I did last year. My Chief Engineer recommended Scott Thomas Tax Preparation in Bangor Maine. I got a fair and reasonable refund. As the Tax Season was slowing down he was supposed to go over the previous two years and look for any additional refunds, that may have been missed by a previous tax person in Florida. I was unaware that my wife had mailed the original documents to him. No big deal I thought, Should be no problem. How wrong I was. Not only have I paid for a service that has not be rendered, now I can not get my documents back. After repeated calls and promises on his part to have it in the mail the next day I still do not have them back. I have finally had to hire an attorney to sue for my documents to be returned. Use him if you want. All I can tell you is what happened to me. MAKE COPIES OF EVERYTHING


Any chance you can get copies of your returns from the IRS?


I did not consider that. Thank you for the suggestion. What I really want back are the previous years documents supporting the tax returns that I had filled. I have seen an add for Transport1040 have you or anyone else used or heard of them?


I haven’t heard of them, we use a local CPA for our stuff. I sure hope you’re able to get your documents back from the guy!


Can anyone suggest a good CPA in the Houston area that is familiar with the marine/offshore industry?