Its that time of the year again

Can someone give me a name and number of a good accountant who handles taxes for boat trash ? Preferably someone in the northeast but open to any suggestions.

can’t help on accountants but if your’s screws up and you get the IRS chasing you ass all over creation, I got a crack team of lawyers that can fix anything for enough benjies…

drop my name and you’ll get a 0.0005% discount but that’s only for my friends so don’t tell anyone

Ioven tax in philly.

I know a few guys who have used
Maguire Taxes LLC 5 Commercial Circle, Dedham, MA 02026

If you have about 5 hours and $29 you do your federal taxes with turbotax software and it takes you through all your deductions. I keep a detailed expense account for non reimbursed expenses “form 2106” (all MMD, courses, passport, travel mileage for piss tests and medical exams for work, lunches and meals away from home and incidentals) all work: flashlights, clothes boots, and food and snacks while away from home. I work on oceangoing ships and I go out to eat for supper a lot overseas. I write off state departments foreign and domestic per deim table rates (for only meals I eat[) and don’t worry about receipts. Keep records of mileage. Unless you have a complicated return learn how to do it yourself. I read a book in 1983 written by an IRS agent and it had good tidbits (audit triggers go off if you donate more than 2% of your Adjusted Gross Income to charity) and other various IRS stuff. They hate a “dumper”, someone who comes in for an audit and dumps a box of receipts in front of them. They call in “extra help” in that situation.

Been using turbo tax for the last couple years and it’s worked great for me. My stuff isn’t that complicated though. I’m not a home owner and am married with kids and use standard deductions. Good friend of mine is raving about taxact saying its good.

I guess my advice is if you don’t get greedy trying to beat the system (kapp) you can do it yourself, but make sure you have records, receipts, and play by the rules. Regardless of who prepares the taxes you’re still ultimately responsible they’re not fraudulent.

Even with a mortgage and investment income I can do it myself in a few hours.