Tax man recommendation

some of the guys on my ship recommended tidewater taxes i think, but there are a few online and i wont be back on the ship for three months. Any recommendations for a good tax man that will do good on finding me some deductions. It is looking like I might owe 3300 or something and that just isnt going to work for me haha


Do your own with tax software (turbotax, Hr block, etc) make sure you write off all business expenses related expenses (form 2106) to professional employment MMd, physical for work, clothes, boots, tools, air fare,taxi, vans, meals to and from work, food while away from home if you bought it with your own money, cell phone costs used for work, passport, TWIC, (car, hotels, meals used to renew documents if you travel a long way to upgrade or renew at a REC) you can only write off expenses over 2% of your AGI (adjusted gross income) Be careful of charitable deductions over 2% of AGI and home office deductions too as these are audit triggers. Good luck and don’t pay some smuck to do what you can do with todays software tools. You will be able to write off the software costs on next years expenses as a bonus too

Anyone have experience using TurboTax (or any other self-prep software) in handling foreign tax credits? Not the smaller amounts from investment 1099s, but a significant amount as in working overseas and having taxes paid by the company (five figures)… What supporting documentation do they require, or what documentation do you usually provide to satisfy the IRS and not trigger the audit gods? We have a paystub showing taxes paid “Foreign Tax Paid” in line description, dollars and cents exact amount, but the “company letter” showing this amount, and the country paid to, doesn’t arrive until mid-year. I prefer not to wait until mid-year for my refund…

I use Palantino and Company. Tidewater screwed me over a few years back and I was audited and nailed for taxes that should have been written as a business expense. If you want more info message me.