Mariner Tax Deductions or Incentives

With tax season coming up, I was wondering if anyone knows of any tax deductions, advice, or useful websites for the mariner.

Yes! gCaptain’s first 3rd party writer James Maguire. We have been giving them free ad space on the blog for well over a year ago because we believe in their service. We like Jame’s company because:

  1. James has sailed commercially
  2. He has a master’s degree in taxation
  3. His prices for mariners are low (he keeps them low because his real money comes from non-maritime sources)
  4. He’s smarter than us!
    During the kapplan incident we did a significant amount of research and, without going into details, found major problems with even the most liked tax providers… except for this one. They get the gCaptain 2 thumbs up!


Transport Workers Tax Service out of Maryland do a great job I know a lot of guys on the East coast that use them without incident

I’d be happy to answer any specific tax questions. I also have a Master’s degree in accounting.

I haven’t felt compelled to comment until this post came up. I am not a fan of Martin Kapp, he was a greedy $#@# but Colleen Emery hurt more mariners than anyone else I can think of! How? She doesn’t have a CPA or advanced education but she did have a small accounting firm and a few mariner clients. She took one of their returns from Martin Kapp to the IRS and went through it line by line. The only error the IRS found was in meal deductions but that’s all she needed to make millions. Here is how she used this information to go from an undereducated tax helper to a millionaire (yes she is now worth millions!!):

  1. she marketed here services as the only “legitimate” one (truthful indeed).
  2. she offered her clients a healthy commission to sell this message to their shipmates (this is why you find mariners who are fanatically supportive of her).
  3. she is very nice and helpfull on the phone
  4. she went on the warpath calling DOJ and hiring lawyers to expose Kapp’s single error
  5. she used the fear of Kapp’s clients to further market her services.

John is right, you need someone with a degree in taxation , not someone who is nice or a selfish millionare. The truth is that the DOJ wouldn’t of cared about the meal expenses if she hadn’t pushed the subject.

Please, ignore here cadre of fanatical supporters. Her followers talk like religious nuts and they are the ones she hurt. The funny thing is she doesn’t even need to pay anyone commission anymore because friends of her agents told their friends what a great gal she is.

Wow does she piss me off

Holy shit it she running a tax preparation service or a cult? I don’t think you should drink any of her Kool-Aide.

John, didn’t she spam this forum last tax season?

yes, repeatedly.
Every 6-8 weeks she copies and pastes the same 500+ word posts on a dozen forum threads and blog posts.

You must delete them because I haven’t seen one in a while. Must be annoying.

“You must delete them because I haven’t seen one in a while” I only delete the repeates… which are 95% of her posts. she has only written a couple original posts.
“Must be annoying.” and time consuming.

Thanks for the info learn something new everyday