Seaman tax?


MY husband works for a local tug boat company in Mississippi. Some of the guys he works with have been talking about something called a Seaman Tax, Has anybody ever heard of it?


I am so tempted to comment on this. But I will restrain myself!


If he makes a couple charitible donations it should negate the tax.


LOL, CMA_Decky the seaman tax referred to is the per diam allowed by the government to cover living expenses while away from home for the purpose of business. Not an extra tax added for being a mariner.
We just had a thread asking for a good tax preparer and this one listed a recommended one and one to avoid. It’s best to have a pro do your taxes because there are a lot of things you can deduct like mileage, clothes, etc. that you might not think of.


You may need to use some caution while using this form of tax as you can read [<span style=“text-decoration: none;]here</span>](–-10-mariner-tax-questions-answered/” target="_blank) with this incident that has affected people I know personally.



Use extreme caution from anyone clamming a special Seaman’s Tax. Anyone working on vessels is working in the transportation industry. There are allowances for per diem and other expenses. The federal government put a stop to certain claims a person on the left coast was making and he had to provide the IRS with the names of every one of his customers. I used Scott Thomas Tax in Bangor Me. last year and now I am having to have a lawyer get my documents back from him. I recently saw an ad in one of the trade magazines by a company called transport1040. I think I will try them this year.

Good Luck


Know of someone now paying the IRS back 100k for using the Seaman’s Tax…beware