A good place for merchant marine to do taxes in Baltimore area

Does anyone know a good place in Baltimore area for a merchant mariner to do taxes?

Anyone who does taxes.You probably don’t need someone special to do your taxes if you’re a mariner. The “Maritime Tax Professionals” are con artists who deduct for per diem that you aren’t entitled too.

Seriously, they’re all scams.


US Flagged or Foreign flagged vessels you sailed on?

Its the USMM.

Then go to any H&R Block for taxes, no special items, don’t get sucked into “sailor tax”

TurboTax will produce the same return as a legitimate accountant, unless you have some complicated returns. Save your money and do it yourself. Or you can find some crook and potentially face an audit.

Transport tax services used to be in MD. Transport 1040 I think is the site. Coleen was good but was really hard to get ahold of. And no she did not deduct per diem. Not all do the guy above is uninformed

However I wonder with new tax laws and loss of deductions would make it so you don’t need a specialized tax person? Idk

My Go-to-guy has been James Maguire. Been doing mine for the last 7 or 8 years. Good guy, knows his stuff & fair. He didn’t scam the per-diem like others. And he mentioned that the “unreimbursed employee expenses” that mariners used in 2017 and before were, for the most part, removed with the 2017 Tax Change that takes place in 2018.

My taxes ARE complicated - got trusts.

Find him at: http://maguiretaxes.com