Tankship PIC ATB seatime

Hey everybody

I have a question about obtaining the tankship PIC when sailing aboard an ATB which is considered unlimited tonnage and is certified as a tankship.

I am trying to determine if I can sail for 60 days instead of 90 because I’m working 12 hour days (time and a half)? I still have to do the 5 loads and 5 discharges.The NMC is impossible to get a hold of.

Thanks for any input!

Yes you only need 60 days if working 12 hours. I did this exact same thing. Tank-ship PIC on ATB time/loads/discharges.

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Thank you! Great to hear from another 3M with toar and PIC. How are you enjoying it?

Best move I ever made.

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Now I’m being told the determination will be made by the USCG PQEB. I haven’t been able to get official word from outside sources. The fact that you did it is reassuring and it makes sense that it should.

It depends on your COI if you get the time and a half. Everybody works 12 hour days, but if your COI says you carry 3 watchstanders, then I don’t believe you’ll get it.

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The COI states we are supposed to have a captain and 2 licensed mates. If on a voyage less than 600 miles we require a captain and 1 licensed mate.