T-ATS Salvage Ships - MSC

Anyone have extra insight that wouldn’t be found online on the timeline of these? When they’ll be going into service? How the progress is going down on the Bayou building them? Hard (?) to imagine going on 8 years since they were announced.

Word was is that they were being held up due too a lawsuit. Some company was having them built and went bankrupt and MSC was going to modify to suit their needs. From what I have heard that was resolved recently and MSC should get the first Boat end of the year/ early next year.

Interested to see where they end up. Should be a fun program.

Anyone got an update on these things?

All of the people I know who had been doing tugs quit, so I don’t have the greatest sources. From a manning report I saw, its now January. I wouldn’t be surprised if it slips a month or two more.

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And then no word on the next one after that right? Potentially another year away?

Supposedly it should be quicker than that. Last I heard was 3 by the end of 24. Might end up with 2 with a 3rd out quickly in 25

Any truth to the rumors that there’s a chance MSC will contract out these new salvage boats to get crewed by another company?


That would probably be smart. Hornbeck and Chouest already crew similar boats for MSC.

The big question is will contract mariners take these things into a potential warzone to grab battle damaged naval vessels at sea?

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For the right money, sure.