Swo dco?

Hello all, it’s my first post here but I’ve been lingering around for quite a while and could never find a definite answer in either here or related forums…

I am a veteran currently attending a maritime academy and I am interesting in going the SWO route after I graduate (just finished my first year). On the Navy recruiting website it lists SWO as a direct commission opportunity but I could not find any further information on it nor was I able to find anyone who has done so.

Is it possible to direct commission into the Navy as a SWO? Or is the only options to either participate in the SSMP or attend OCS?

Either OCS or ROTC. I’m not sure 100% but I don’t think SSMP would cut it. Hate to break it to you but if you wanted to be a SWO you shouldn’t have gone to maritime academy. Coast guard has dco called margrad but it’s competitive.

SSMP can commission you as a SWO, I know 4 or 5 guys who did it.

Thanks. Yeah I should have specified that my current primary goal isn’t to be a SWO, but I am interested in it as an option. I’m just trying to know and understand all my options well before I make any sort or decision.

If you are currently attending a maritime academy your options were laid out before you started . It was on you to understand what was ahead of you.Go back and read the packet for your options you got before you put up the cash. Most academies are quite clear in what they offer. Or don’t.

Where is the List of Abbreviations?

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I hope that GI bill is covering you 100% for maritime academy. But being a SWO is a guaranteed cash flow income and good retirement if you do 20 years-whatever you did already.

I’m well aware that a maritime academy produces graduates whose “option” is to sail commercial. I am looking forward to sailing wherever I end up. Considering the GI Bill is paying for the school, it’s not a case of me wasting my money. I like the idea of sailing, and I liked the military. If I can combine the two (graduate and direct commission as a SWO) that would be some very useful information to have if I happen to graduate during a worse than expected period in the maritime industry. That is why I ask this question.

You are a veteran attending a maritime academy according to your post. And have one year under your belt. Which one? Perhaps some alumni at your school on this site can answer your questions?

I don’t believe being academy specific will help.

The Navy recruiting website lists SWO under options for a direct commission. I can’t find any additional info nor anyone from any other forum that has done so. I figured this place would be the best place to look since direct commissions typically are reserved for those who already have relevant training (from my perspective, a maritime graduate would be the ideal candidate).

I figured I would inquire here if anyone has ever heard of this before I make a call to the big Navy.

You have three ways of becoming a SWO: NROTC, OCS, or lateral transfer. That is also the most likely order in which you could achieve that goal as well. There is no DCO option for URL communities.

You can’t direct commission SWO. you have to be ROTC, SSMP, or OCS. Direct commission is for restricted line i.e. MarGrad USCG Inspections, nursing/medical, law. If you want to be a navy officer just go to OCS after graduation.

Exactly, you have to go OCS if you did not do NROTC Just like anyother college grad. You still have to compete for Unrestricted Warfare to keep from getting sent to Supply Corps but that shouldn’t be a worry for a Mariner. Understand that the Navy is Engineering centric and you are better off with an Engineering license than a Deck license. But take as much navigation and ship handling as they let you. SUNY has a Electrical Engineering Degree with a Deck license. That has to be perfect Navy combination.

Thanks for the help everyone!

Unless something has changed you can apply to commission active duty SWO after SSOP at the academy. No OCS needed. Several of my classmates did.

I was a SWO but it was so long ago I thought DCO was Damage Control Officer so my advice won’t be any good. But…have you spoken to an Officer Program recruiter?

When I was in the Navy they determined there were way too many Acronyms. They started an initiative to reduce them. They called it N.A.R.P., Navy acronym reduction program.