GEneral SSOP Questions

Hello, im new to this site.
Im applying to Cal Maritime and saw SSOP under their Financial Aid category, but theres not much info about it. However, it seems very interesting an beneficial to my college finances.

What are you required to do after you graduate?

How much will they pay for tuition?

Is it a competitive program?

Is the $$ they give me for college just a bonus for working in SSOP after graduation? Or do i have to pay it back?

Thanks very much. I hope i posted this thread in the right category. :confused:


Keep up the research. Suggest you search all the maritime schools for SSOP info since the program is the same but
each school presents different amounts of details. Email the Lieutenant in charge and ask questions. Visit CMA if
you can.

That said…
The program pays $8,000 per year for 4 years with a $32k max. You do not pay it back unless you leave the
program. Upon graduation, you commission into the Navy Reserve as an officer with 6 year commitment. You
are also bound to maintain your Coast Guard license for 6 years, and work on a U.S. flagged vessel for like 5
years. There are a few ways out of this, the most obvious one is to commission into any active duty military
service upon graduation.

Although it may differ at different schools, I don’t think ‘competitive’ is the right word. Anyone can join. Most, if not
all, get the $$$ if they want it. You have to take some Naval classes, participate in weekly physical training(PT)
with the SSOP group, at CMA you have to log 8 hours of study time per week(validated by the librarian, tutoring
center, etc), so there are a few extra time commitments…

Keep researching. It is a good program for some people.


This is even better …