SUNY Maritime might not get a summer cruise

On their brand new ship because they can’t get enough licensed engineers to get underway.

They might be short staffed but I highly doubt they don’t have manning required to fulfill the COI and get underway. MARAD contracted companies should crew these vessels when they get underway and pay the MARAD FOS wages. Then they would never have a problem filling the positions. Right now it’s basically a volunteer job.

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They used to basically force SSO’s to fill spots, I wonder why they aren’t doing that?


The add is for engineers though?

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It’s engineers, not mates. But they go through this every year and something always works out.

Whoops my brain said engineers but my fingers typed mates.

Maybe they should try paying competitive wages?

How much does the football coach make at SUNY, $500,000 a year?

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HA! The athletic department budget isn’t even that much.

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How about paying people adequate money? Probably not much change since 10 years ago when they paid people a “stipend” which amounted like $130/day, or something like that.

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Cruise might pay crap, but it can be a good way to up your license . CFR used to allow for you to count time equal to whatever license you hold. So even if you were the 3M you could get a CM discharge.

I know people that did cruise for that reason some years ago when jobs were scarce, but today there are plenty of good paying opportunities to accumulate seatime.

No, it never did. The CFR never said that. Academies got away with discharging watch officers based on what they held, but that ended when they got stupid about it, i.e. when one of the academies gave discharges for chief mate to SEVEN different mariners for the same cruise. That they were caught was started when two of them shared a cab to the REC to apply for Master and turned in discharges showing they were both chief mate on the same ship at the same time.


Pay MARAD FOS wages and everyone will go just like every time a training ship activates at MARAD FOS wages

There’s plenty of fairly pleasant lowish-contract engineer’s jobs elsewhere right now in the unions if this summer is anything like the last 10+.

There’s been like 100 3AE jobs on the AMO board for over a year that pay triple the training ships. I think there’s just a shortage of engineers at the moment.


From what I’m told they still do it, but only for 3M/2M discharges. Only the Chief Mate gets a CM discharge, but juniors get whatever their license level is. Instructors get a discharge with “Deck Instructor” as the rating.

Unless something changed very recently.

The wages were/are quite low. MMP has an agreement with the school, but many stay away due to the low wages and that for the amount of time you’re out there it only pushes health insurance coverage ahead minimally.

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It might feel almost like cheating, but I’d argue that the seatime credit is working as intended by the CFRs, even in that example of two C/Ms.

(g) Closely related service. The Coast Guard may accept evidence of employment in a position closely related to the operation, construction, or repair of vessels (either deck or engineer as appropriate) as meeting the sea service requirements for renewal under § 10.227(e)(1)(iv). Service as port engineer, port captain, shipyard superintendent, qualified instructor, or similar related service may be creditable for service for raise of grade of an engineer or deck officer endorsement; however, it may not be used for obtaining an original management-level endorsement. The service is creditable as follows:

(1) Port engineer, port captain or shipyard superintendent experience is creditable on a 3-for-1 basis for a raise of grade (e.g., 12 months of experience equals 4 months of creditable service). For a raise-of-grade, this credit is limited to 6 months of service.

(2) Service as a qualified instructor in a Coast Guard approved course or a training program is creditable on a 2-for-1 basis for a raise of grade (e.g., 12 months of experience equals 6 months of creditable service). For a raise-of-grade, this credit is limited to 6 months of service.

It’s been a while since I went, but when Rick was there, juniors got their license held (2m or 3m), the guy who needed the time most got the CM discharge (not Mahana), and the instructors got 2m or 3m.

Two chief mates is not “as intended by the CFRs.” See the definition of Chief Mate in 46 CFR 10.107. It clearly envisions one person as chief mate.

Probably not consistent with the CFR, “needed the time most” is probably the guy with the least experience. That’s probably not the person “upon whom the command of the vessel will fall in the event of incapacity of the master.” But at least they’re only giving out one.

You sure it’s not Patriot that has the agreement? But regardless of how it’s structured this is just a further example of MMP racing to the bottom. They should be advocating for MARAD wages on all these school ships not settling for crap. Can’t wait to see the future at MMP without Marcus and other guys at the top. Hopefully they are all replaced soon, but the old guard in MMP will probs drag it down again.

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Fair point. However they should be getting seatime in their C/M capacity, at 1/2 time, as instructor right?

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