Zero applicants for Cal Maritime cruise officers

Hi everyone,

I’m a soon to be graduate of Cal Maritime. Someone in authority confided to me yesterday how we need 18 licensed engineers for two cruises this summer, yet we have not even received a single application for the month the bulletin has been posted.

Supposedly we will still sail no matter what, just that they’ll pull teachers from practical training to stand watches and we’ll have to take a separate class later. There are many of us who could graduate this summer if we had enough faculty.

Just want to pull attention to a job that you can very likely receive for our summer cruises, and also help cadets to graduate on time. Thanks.

I went on the Cal Maritime website, and can not find any link to job openings, maybe that is your schools problem.

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Yeah seriously. I found the posting, but the job title on the site is Cruise Adjunct, and on google job search it’s Maritime (103265 - Cruise Adjunct, 20/21 - Eng. Tech.)

Not saying that’s the sole reason for lack of interest, but if they want people searching for Marine Engineer jobs to find it, or Watchstander, or 3rd/2nd/1st A/E they might consider putting that in the title. (WTF is a cruise adjunct)

Offhand, I’ve always wanted to go back and do one of those trips as a watch officer, just never could commit the time.

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For those interested…

Listing of Openings:

Curious regaarding this post. Something sounds a bit sketchy. Just one mans op.

My guess is that these jobs just don’t pay enough.

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If it is anything like the other school ships it is along the lines of a few hundred ($100-$300)/ most. Something that retirees looking to give back, or make a little beer money on the side do.

For what it’s worth New York and Maine Maritime are looking for people as well for their cruises:

SUNY Maritime College - Vacancies (

Cruise Positions - Employment at MMA - Maine Maritime Academy

Why? Happens every year at all of the schools.


Or recent grads that don’t have a steady job and want sea time.

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You are correct sir. Checked out the pay and it is less than a good AB. Agree with other posters, beer money for someone that is not busy and gives a shit about the cadets.

Are these temporary jobs on the training ships, especially for Cal Maritime, usually advertised so vaguely and placed in hard to find locations? Maybe somebody at the school doesn’t think a cruise is prudent with the pandemic going on & hoping not having a full billet would get it canceled?

I think they are required to advertise the jobs, but probably have alums all picked out for it.

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I seem to remember that you could get sea time on your highest held license if you sailed on a training ship. There were usually mates who were trying to put time on their Chief Mate’s license to upgrade to Master because of this.
I could be wrong about that, but I do know that the job paid squat with the upside being some solid port time in sometimes interesting ports during the summer. Oh and that whole forging the next generation of sailor thing too…

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I think that shoreside teaching at an Academy is unlimited tonnage “seatime” on a 2 for 1 basis.

They do not pay much. Appeal is, or was, getting sea time written up as being in the highest capacity in your MMC. In past, Navy merchant mariner reservists were used for some unfilled vacancies.

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Had a difficult time finding the original listing. 10ure mobile app is where I eventually found the listing.

Working on these Cruise assignments actually sounds fun. Cool Places! the annoyance of 200 Cadets biting at your ankles…

I believe SUNY still has a steam training ship, it has been a coveted job for young East Coast guys trying to get a steam 2nd license.

The current T/S Empire State is the old States Line Oregon built in 1962. Some may have sailed on her when she was the Mormactide.

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Does Mass still have the old Lykes Clipper?

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