Zero applicants for Cal Maritime cruise officers

Ex. Velma Lykes

As @BeerCaptain just stated the T/S Kennedy is the old Velma Lykes. Back in the day I was on several of them. Considering they were built in the mid 60’s they had cutting edge automation for their time.

There are other ways to get a steam license.

Always respect your opinion JD. Where else can these young people get steam experience/license?

There are (at the moment) steam ships still sailing. Not to mention those in the RRF.

They don’t need steam experience, that is the last sub paragraph of the link I posted. They can take a course. Granted, there are not many, perhaps commensurate with the number of steam ships. And some of the courses are at union schools, which some may find unpalatable.

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The guys I know who want to keep their steam license up at this point just find the school ship more fun than the other options. Not sure there’s a single East Coast steamship at this point unless the Kocaks are still around.

I like when we get cadets onboard, they’re not all cranky still willing to learn things.

Yup, that’s what I do.