SUNY Graduate program with third mate license

[SIZE=2][FONT=Helvetica]Good day sailors,

Applying to SUNY to start in the fall of 2015. I have a degree in Biology and I’m currently serving active duty navy working onboard MSC ship, I would like to know what your GRE scores were when you got accepted.
Obviously, this is question is to the current students and/or former graduates of SUNY. I am an active duty navy personnel, B.S. in Biology, have a GPA of 3.2 and will have a strong recommendation letters from my commanders. I will take the GRE soon when I go on leave. Here are my questions: Do I have a chance? Can I get in?
Thanks ahead

I would not get wrapped up with the GRE, the score is not as significant as your GPA and, from what you indicated in your post; you are in much better shape than most graduate license students I completed the program with.

I would STRONGLY URGE you that before entering the program you make sure that you get credit for any or all course work you have taken in undergrad school, which may cover you for prerequisites for example, Statistics, Research Operations, Micro and/OR Macro-economics

Make sure it’s all in writing indicating what they will give you credit for.

Lastly, I would also STRONGLY suggest you take ALL Grad. on-line classes (if you can) before stepping foot on campus as a cadet, it will safe you allot of time and money in completing the Grad-license program.

More specifically, it will safe you allot of time with the grad program allowing you to focus on license classes ones you’re on campus.



YES, your GRE score does not weigh a heavily as your GPA and from what you wrote about yourself; you sound better than most incoming or current grad license students at Maritime.

If I were you I’d e-mail the admissions office and request matriculation statistics for SUNY Maritime’s graduate program.

I PMed you with some info.

Speaking as someone who has been through the Grad License program, Based your specifications outlined about yourself, I would say that you are in much better shape than most grad-license students I encountered at maritime.

[li]Your GPA carries more weight than GRE score.

However, before attending this school I would STRONGLY urge you to do your due-diligence on this school and CONSIDER other programs do not be fooled by what is advertised.

If you decide on Maritime, Keep the following in mind:

[li]There is no federally backed financial-aid and loans for graduate students. Your GI Bill will only go so far…Its ALL private Loans.
[/li][li]Very few scholarships for Graduate Students.
[/li][li]Finding any part time jobs on or near campus is very limited.
[/li][li]Make sure that you get credit for past course work from undergrad school; For example Macro & Micro economics, Statistics or Research Ops…in writing.
[/li][li]Make sure to have all your prerequisite course work knocked out before setting foot on campus
[/li][li]You may even want to take as many Maritime on-line classes as possible. This strategy will save you time spend on campus and money.
[/li][li]The Current state of the Regimental leadership can only be described as Highly [I][B]Dissociative and Sociopathic…… [/B][/I] Know the Culture before you decide to join it.

      [I][B]Good Luck & [/B][/I]"[B][I][B]May the wind[/B] always be at [B]your back[/B]. May the sun shine warm upon your face" [/I][/B]