Successful personal statement for Maritime Academy

Hi everybody! I think of joining the Navy Forces and want to get enrolled in Maritime Academy (I have several schools in mind, but won’t disclose them there because it’s not so very important). As any other college applicant, I must submit a personal statement, but have no idea what information to include there to guarantee success. Can someone help me?

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This one might work.


That should do the trick nicely!

Brilliant. You have to admit that just to see the ending.

But he forgot ascending Mount Everest and K2 with 3 Sherpas on his back on the same day.

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Without supplemental oxygen.

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A good one, thanks, but the amount of info is low enough. I continue searching for the right option and will share it with you.

Hilarious. I’d admit that person.
I applied to several colleges while waiting to be drafted. Draft number was 32 when a small highly regarded private college asked me for an essay indicating why I thought college would help me advance my life. I was at the end of my rope by then and sent them a quick reply. In summary I said I was selling shoes in Belk Hudson Department store while waiting to be cannon fodder. At this point I think your college could be of great help in improving my environment as well prolonging my life. I was accepted, just a little late.

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My God, I finally found a personal statement guide, I really started to think that it’ll never happen…You can’t even imagine how happy I am.