Getting into Maritime Academy

Hi guys, I am currently a high school junior from PA and I was just wondering what my chances are of getting into a Maritime academy. I have a 4.3 gpa and a 1100 SAT score. I would really appreciate advice on what academies to apply to. I would like to become a 3rd engineer or a 3rd mate.

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That academic record will get you into all of the state academies.

It might even get you into King’s

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Thank for the comment. What route would you recommend in terms of future job prospects…

As a graduating senior 3rd mate this year, if you don’t have a preference between the two choose engineering. If you truly want to be a 3rd mate do it. People told me when I went in choose the engineering degree for the jobs, but I wanted to be a 3rd mate so I did it. Jobs are hard to come by right now and I am struggling to find something. You have to be open to being a AB or deckhand or anything to get your foot in the door with a company. Willing to put your head down and do whatever it takes to get that first job on the deck side.

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@lax, Thanks for the reply man, truly appreciate it. What was your experience applying to the academics?

I applied to 4 of state academies, early admissions, and got into 3. I had lower GPA around 3.7 3.6 and probably lower SAT too, not sure with the new scoring system. You will most certainly be accepted with your GPA.

@lax Thanks man, I’ve been stressing out about my SAT score.

If you take a good prep course you can probably boost your sat score by 100 points , but for the 6 state academies you don’t need to

@tugsailor, What’s the out look for 3rd mate jobs with automation around the corner supposedly?

The 3rd mate job market is grossly oversupplied.


Being from Pennsylvania, I see with those grades and SAT score, you will not have a problem getting into SUNY or even MASS. I had a lesser GPA and about the same SAT (on the 2400 level) and got into both those schools. I eventually went to SUNY and just got out in January as a Third mate. As said previously, take the first job that comes to you whether it is a position as an AB or a third mate, its a step in the door. A job is a job and you will always have the opportunity to grow in the maritime industry

The posters are correct regarding 3rd mate jobs fresh out of the academy. There are jobs, but much more scarce than 3rd engineers. Those grades will definitely get you in the state schools. They are all good schools, perhaps choose one that is most convenient to your location. If you are strong in math (Calculus) and have leadership skills (sports & clubs) in high school, consider applying at USMMA/Kings Point. It is a mind boggling process but worth it if you get accepted…


Consider GLMA in Traverse City; Lake shipping is doing well. Smaller school, nice town.

@dry_fly, How competitive is admissions there? It is one of my top picks because you have the ability to get a Great Lakes Pilot license.

You should be fine with your gpa/sat score.

His SATs are not competitive for KP at all. I’m a graduate. Barely over the minimum required if even.

Typical KP attitude.


Oakley23, I would not beg to disagree. My son was a 2015 grad from KP. 4.2 GPA and 1132 SAT and strong in math. He wrestled Heavyweight in high school and was captain his Senior year. His wrestling partners (4) that went to State Tournament had similar grades and leadership roles. All got scholarships. One went to West Point, one went to James Madison, and one went to VMI. Full rides. My son was 4th in state wrestling at 230 or so against 285 lb guys and was a center on his football team. 3 time co-captain. As I said, good grades,effort and leadership skills go a long way in application to KP. He was not in the band company thank goodness. He was a co-captain in his last year at KP with the football team that had a rotten season. Best thing, he graduated Magna Cum Laude, 11th in his class and specialized in logistics… Did wish he had gone engineer route in the beginning of his studies, he chose deck… But all is very good. Take a shot at all of the schools, you can’t go wrong. Domer, as a hawsepiper, I impressed upon my son to not have the attitude this Oakley23 fellow has. It has served him well. Take a shot at KP, all they can tell you is yes or no, you can get in the other schools no doubt. Good luck sir.

To support the above comments, and as a KP grad, your SAT is a bit low, however you are only a junior, and you can improve it. I don’t really have a handle on GPA since it is different from my day (4.0 was as good as you could get), but I am guessing your class ranking is high. I DO suggest that you go to your guidance counselor on Monday and see what he can offer, if he is any good. Any academy is a good choice, however KP is the most cost effective, but also the one with the highest BS level to get through.

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Agree Cmakin. Have always respected your contributions to this site, I feel I have met or know you from somewhere in our small world. KP is the most cost effective, and truly the most BS level, but go for it if possible. Was impressed when the alumni/staff met with the congress last few days to promote/justify the need for USMMA regarding our currrent situation with SSO and the need to upgrade our sealift condition. Perhaps I am being a bit negative on Oakley23, and his statement has some truth.but many more have a shot at it than you think… Your advise is spot on.