Mass Maritime Admission

Hey there guys,

After weeks of lurking on old posts about the Maritime Academies, I decided to come to the pro’s themselves and lay my questions out here.

I moved from Ireland to MA almost three years ago, the end of my freshman year, and it is now the end of my junior year. I have fallen in love with the regiment structure of Mass Maritime, even though it is out of the norm of Irish colleges.

I want to study Maritime Business, but I’m not sure which colleges are the best for this. I visited MMA and was in love at first glance, but I don’t know if I’ll get in. Info on me :

2 Sport Captain in Winter/Spring Track - Letter all four years. (And for you trackies, a 57.6 in the 400 hurdles)
1640 SAT’s
1 AP course this year, all honors classes, and one next year, also accompanied by honors.

The rough part is my GPA, it’s mixed with Irish grades on an Irish scale, and American grades, so it’s a weird transcript to look at with 11 classes taken in Ireland.

I love MMA, and also looked at USMMA but I don’t qualify to attend as I’m not a citizen yet.

If you gents could give me any info you have, had or thoughts you want to share, then PLEASE do!

Gareth King