Submarine For Sale

This New Construction semi-submersible Tourist Submarine is certified by BV to carry 30 passengers inside, 18 on deck with 2 crew members. She is ideal for any place in the world with underwater attractions. She has large viewing windows for complete 360 degree viewing. This can be a successful business with 19 in operation around the world

Price: 640,000.00 EUROS

Details HERE

That’s no submarine, that’s one o’ them fancy glass bottom boats.

Looks more like a monitor than a submarine. BTW, how does the USCG license the operator of a real commercial [U]free diving submersible[/U] submarine?

In the past the USCG would issue a vessel specific and location specific endorsement on your license after you had recieved training as a student submersible pilot under the supervision of the chief pilot for that submersible.

Oh man, I wonder how the NMC deals with those, now?! Another regional REC issue that is now buried under a pile of centralization.