New Submarine For Super Yachts

10 February 2009 - Exploring the deep

Represented by Kemp Marine, Lamor Subsea has unveiled their latest submarine, designed for the superyacht market, the SM 300/3. Able to carry two passengers and one pilot (who must have undergone the training programme and gained the Pilot Certification), the model can be stored on a vessel’s deck or inside the hull of the vessel and is designed to operate in all waters.

Company Website

Pretty sweet!

Looks like it might be a viable alternative to the SDV for specops insertions…

Great just another object for my former co-workers to run in to.

I think your former colleagues would win that battle and we would all be better off for it!

Had to get on-board sometime! Pretty cool mini-sub, remember, it works only when your superior maintenance program is in tact and followed to the T. Otherwise, it’s a trip to the bottom without a means to return to the docking cradle…

Looks like it should have a teather system…just in case.

Yes i could see it getting washed away!

This thing looks sweet but I would want a teather system for sure!