Study materials for 500 ton master near coastal

I am looking for good study materials for a 500 ton near coastal master. I currently have general navigation for upper tonnage, general safety for upper tonnage, general deck for upper tonnage manuals from the maritime institute in San Diego. I also have near coastal navigation (terrestrial) from Houston Marine as well as my USCG navigational rules and a 1984 edition of the practical navigator. What suggestions do you have for other study materials? I don’t have any charts to practice chart plotting either.

Secondly, I’d like to know what courses I’ll need to complete in order to operate with a 500 ton near coastal master. I currently have the following credentials: Radar unlimited, AB unlimited, STCW basic safety training, PSC Lifeboatman, Advanced fire fighting, RFPNW, Able seafarer-deck.

I just finished taking my Chief Mate exams under the old system. I’m not sure if the new test questions are using the same reference material or not. I used a 1981 Bowditch volume 2, reprints of the 1983 tide and tidal current tables, coast pilot, deck illustration exam guide, Formuale for the Mariner, 1983 Nautical Almanac, Starfinder 2102-D and the Stability Data reference guide. I also used Captain Joe’s software that I bought for less than $100 online. I used Lapware for the last couple of weeks of studying and found it very helpful.

Thanks for the info!

The coast guard and the maritime schools that I’ve asked can’t give me a straight answer. That’s why I’m asking.

See 46 CFR 11.311(a)(3), you will need all of those courses.

And if you have never held STCW officer in charge of a navigational watch, see 46 CFR 11.309(a)(4), you will need all of those also.

You also need assessments, for Master, see NVIC 11-14 and if you haven’t held STCW OICNW, you’ll also need the one in NVIC 12-14.

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ditto what bloodyshitcakes said. you definately get a lot of bang for your buck with the capt joe cd and the explanations on learning terrestrial were great for me.