500 ton Mate NC Study Material

Getting ready to upgrade a 100 ton license to 500 ton NC and purchased a used set Limited Master/Mate/Operator books on Ebay from Maritime Education Textbooks (Bluebooks) anyone have any other recommended study materials? I have the Mariner Advancement 500/1600 USB Drive and practice charts.

then you probably have all that you’ll need to study.

you might want get the reprints for the 1981 nautical almanac. i was able to get my hands on the 1981 volume two of Bowditch,it can help a great deal on nav-gen .

You can go to sandwich ship supply and buy all the training req. material. 1981 almanac and 1983 tides and currents along with other study material . If you send me your email address I’ll send you some material also .