Study materials 500 ton

I have read a lot of threads that CaptJacks has some of the best study materials. I use a lot, but one problem with it is it’s just a question and answer deal. Thats fine for the rules of the road. You know it, or you don’t. As far as ploting and a lot of deck general, I am the type of person that needs to know why it is that way, or shown how to solve a problem. Is there also cds with for instance showing how to plot with video. Is better study material, or software that is better? I am good at studying on my own if I have the right tools, and have pleanty of time to do it when working on the boat. Not to mention the money I could save. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Al.

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If you will send me your email address I can send you some study material . It has the questions and the answer worked out .

Can you send them to me too please.


I was going to ask this question verbatim. Did you get a decent solution?
I too am studying for the master 500ton near coastal, and OSV 1600. I am subscribed to Lapware but its Q&a based and I would like to read why things are they way they are.

As far as plotting…I saw “US Captain’s Training” has a channel on youtube. Have some short videos on the various problems you’d see on a coast guard chart plot. That is unless you want to pay for Terrestrial and Coastal Nav.

Yea youtube is amazing. Absolutely going to utilize that. Deck general and safety is the main area I am trying to find materials. I have coursework from other classes taken in the past, but questions on cargo handling and ship construction are proving difficult. I would prefer to KNOW the material rather than memorize USCG questions. has a lot of stuff for navigation related topics and its all free. Good luck!

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