Strange things written in the "Official Log"

Years ago I was called to testify in front of a Federal Grand Jury. The first day the kept asking me to be more precise as to the day and time of certain things happening. My response was "if I had the E.R. Log, I might be able to be more precise. Well, a couple of weeks later they call me back in and surprise, there’s the E.R. Log Book (old Red Book).

So, they start answering to the best of my recollection and they start asking about some "strange entrees. My relief liked writing in the log the same way he talked. So, there were posts such as “Dropped a F’ing Wrench in the Bilge and couldn’t find the magnet”. Later that day, “Found the F’ing Magnet next to the tool box! You know damn well that’s not where it F’ing goes”. This went on and on, I had to tell them to take notice of the different writing styles and I identified my Printed Words. Now my logs may not have been perfect but this clown took it to and extreme!

During a Labor Dispute, my tour rotation was changed from a 2 week on 2 week off to a 28 day on 14 day off rotation. During this time they came out with a new E.R. Log which had all of the Temps and Pressures plus was there were three copies. One to remain on the vessel and two to the office (Port Engineer). The off coming Chief was to get them to the office when crew changing.

So, I was stuck on there for over 48 days, so I figured I would wait until I finally got off and save me the cost of postage. Once off the vessel I dropped them off at the office. A couple of weeks later, I’m coming back to work and I’m told to report to the office. The President and PE are sitting in a conference room waiting for me so I know somethings up. The first word out of the Presidents mouth is that I’m being fired (not surprised as they have been gunning for me ever since the strike) for not following company policy. I ask what policy and the say that I did not get my logs into the PE on time. I say, I delivered them to the office on the day that I got off, their response, they are supposed to be sent in ever 28 days. I said I thought it was a tour and that I apologize and know how important they are. At this point I ask the PE if there has EVER been any problems with my logs, he replies, NO they have always been very professional and precise. I then ask the PE if he can go get my Logs. He comes back with a stack almost a foot high. I look at the President and say, pick anyone of them and read it, which he does. He turns red and asks the PE if he ever read my logs, to which he says yes. The President slides the log sheet across the table to the PE and after reading it, started digging through the stack checking other logs. See, I knew no one read them and that they were using them for ammo when trying to fire any of the Union Chiefs. So in the spot for my name, I signed Love You!!! or Hugs and Kisses!!!, well you get the idea.

After the President calmed down I was told to go to my boat for my hitch. As I was leaving, I said I would be more careful and make sure to turn the logs in every 28 day. The PE and President just sat there.

I knew my days were numbered but I still lasted another year before leaving for a better job!


I more often see the opposite. Things may have gone to hell in a hand-basket on watch and the guy writes “Routine Rounds”.


Or I’m anticipating submittal of a heavy weather report, the engine is slowed down, the weather is being logged as force 9-10, and the mates are logging “easy motion”. WTF?


Had a 3rd mate log that he found sunflower seeds in the commode.

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And to you this is strange? This could be the reason the MSD effluent pump float switch is hanging up ! When it comes to seeds, spit it don’t shit it.

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