Sterntube-less ship concept

Thordon Bearings And Wärtsilä Launch Blue Ocean Alliance To Promote Sterntube-Less Ship Concept:

i was kinda hoping for a illustration, didn’t read it all.

I guess it is a matter of semantics as far as what one would consider a “stern tube”.

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i kinda like having that ‘‘space’’ between me and the screws!!!

I thought they must have developed a magnetic through-hull drive system or something equally exotic.

Yes, they are called Z-drives! :slight_smile:

looks ok but how long does it keep the water out? and Steamer: those mag drive things are pretty ok but there appears to be a substantial energy loss with them, not that we care that much but ?, I can’t imagine running something like a prop with mag drive?

Kongsberg rim-driven thrusters:

Azipods and their cousins do it all the time. All electric motors are mag drives.

I was thinking along the lines of zero hull penetrations, no power or azimuthing gear other than conventional rudders or like the old Harbormaster units.

well steamer, it’s been a while. My first experience with mag drive was with small (less than around 50 hp) pumps but at the time the loss was such we were told they couldn’t make them bigger at the time. of course all stuff aboard is 3 phase.
they were good to have on macerator pumps !!