I was stamding in line trying to get a bed when it hit me, my stcw expire within a year, oct 14. Can somebody, anybody explain how that work and is it saying if I do.t find a job im pants down assed out

You can take refresher courses to keep it up to date, but knowing your situation you don’t have the money. Hopefully you will get hired before it runs out, then your employer would pick up the bill. Keep lookin’ don’t give up hope.

i don’t know where you are, but if you are anywhere near virginia, there is a place outside of yorktown that does the course for $850

I have it, and im in fla. Juat wanted to know if I had a dead line

Your deadline would be to get it renewed before it expires, as in 2 months prior. If it lapses, you just change the application slightly. You would then take the full 5 day BST course instead of a 3 day refresher. Quality Maritime in St. Pete offers BST for around 400 for a refresher course.

Would somebody please hire Crawdaddy to do something?

If you want to work on tugs you can try Crosby tugs or Harvey gulf I believe they are both hiring. Crosby has grants for schooling not sure if anywheres else does, but I’m sure they do.

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Try Epic Divers and Marine. Just hired an OS but he needs a relief

Thanks bro

Crawdaddy, there is an outfit called Illinois Marine Towing. there are out of Lemont, IL. smaller pushboats on the Illinois, Calumet Mississippi Rivers. Google them and apply online. Good luck man.

As it seems STCW is a requirement by a good number of the companies in Louisiana, I’m going to pay for my class out of pocket. I’ve called around a few schools (Le Fletcher, Young Memorial, Sea School), but are there any other lower priced schools that I could try and get into ASAP. Furthermore, has anyone taken their STCW at any of the above schools? I’ll be traveling from Florida and assume I’ll need a hotel room for four nights.