STCW Questions for Chief Cavo


Chief Cavo…I am preparing to go back to work offshore and am interested in knowing if my STCW needs to be reissued?

“para-prased” my current STCW reads:

qualified in accordance w/ II/2, IV/2, A-WAV

required to wear corrective lenses and have spare pair

master-limited to 1600grt/3000itc

valid for GMDSS

**license reads: master 1600/3000 oceans, mot oceans/western rivers, radar/unltd
**mmd reads: wiper, sd(fh), corrective lenses, any unlic dk rating incd ab

What about: MOT, AB/unltd, RFPNW, VSO, MCP…should they be noted on my STCW…anything else?
What is the current process for updating the STCW…now issued by NMC or REC…time line?



Send me a private e-mail (address below) with your “reference number:” and I’ll check.

It’s not “Chief” that sounds like I’m in the Coast Guard, or much worse… an engineer. “Captain” doesn’t work as I only have the license but never used it. “Mr.” soundfs like my dad, but I guess it works. “Jim” works also.