TWIC & Security Officer on your STCW?

I recently ran into a Captain who was renewing and the REC wanted his Security Officer course certificate and TWIC card in order to get process his STCW. I saw the letter from REC Mandeville that indicated those items were required so that they could be “endorsed” on his STWC.<br><br>Has anyone else heard about this?<br><br>Mr. Cavo?

Enough with the “Mr,” crap… I didn’t like when I was a 20-year old upper class cadet, and still don’t almost 30 years later…<br><br>I haven’t kept up on the date for having to have the TWIC to renew, the original date was about now but I think it was delayed, I’ll check.<br><br>You don’t need a VSO/SSO course to renew. It’s like Medical PIC , if you have it, it goes on your STCW, but you don’;t need it to renew, just to serve as the security officer. I suspect the REC was being pro-acrtive and making sure you knew that it could be on your STCW. We didn’t do so well in making sure eberyone knew about grandfathering to the then-new towing vessel licenses in 2001 to 2006, so I suspect they are not saying you need it to renew, just making sure that if you are eligioble, you get it. <span style="text-decoration: underline;]VSO/SSO is not required for any original or renewal license.</span><br><br>James D. Cavo<br>Chief, Mariner Training & Assessment Division<br>USCG National Maritime Center<br> <br>

What’s your pleasure then? JD? James? Jim? Chief? Hey You?