STCW in Texas?

Trying to get into the marine division. I live in west Houston and was wondering where I can find the cheapest STCW course? I have shell water survival/Huet, first AID/CPR APR 6 Rigging and Fire watch/hot work. Is there a way to get just the certs that i’m missing or do I have to take the full STCW course ?

You have to take the STCW BST course. They don’t let you piecemeal it together. You need the actual certificate.

[QUOTE=mrbrown2020;146569]…Is there a way to get just the certs that i’m missing or do I have to take the full STCW course ?[/QUOTE]

It sounds like you are missing them all. The First Aid might be acceptable, if it was a Coast Guard approved course (most aren’t) and you took it less than five years ago. If it is acceptable, then you can take courses for the remaining three parts of STCW Basic Safety Training (BST).

BST is eiother given as a complete course of about 5 days, or 4 separate courses totalling 5 days: Personal Survival; Basic Firefighting; First Aid & CPR; and Personal Safety & Social Responsibilities.

With all due respect, I’ve found that cheaper isn’t always better, especially when it come to career training. Yes you’ll get the same certificate either way, but I recommend you actually learn what’s to be learned. With that said, I’ve heard that San Jacinto Community College has a top notch maritime training division. It might be on the opposite side of Houston than you are, but it’s a lot closer than a lot of other schools. You can find all you need on their website, and from what I can tell, they offer just about everything a mariner could need.

San Jacinto Maritime is probably your best bet being in Houston. Even if their prices are higher for certain courses, the travel and lodging costs to attend another school usually make it a wash on the price. I commute from Galveston to San Jac in about an hour in rush hour traffic. I haven’t taken the STCW BST there but the other courses were done well, in my opinion. I’ll be there next week for Adv. Firefighting.

Ditto San Jac. They will break out the individal components of BST, too, if you ask. They use the Mid-Atlantic Maritime Academy courses, so that’s where you’ll find their course approvals. Three linked, full bridge simulators with RFWIW and OICNW assessments coming soon, I’m told.