Starting over with a 100 Master & 200 Mates & AB. What would you do?

Time over 100 GRT counts towards the 1,080 days needed for 3rd mate unlimited.


Where do you live now or are you willing to move? Is your 100ton ocean, coastal or inshore? Really good money in south Florida running yachts on salary. Double dip on charters, 15% minimum gratuity, about 100/Hr. 1000/a foot and up is industry standard. This pay check my application is going out finally. My neighbor from Miami just got into the game 2 years ago and is about 700/day on a azimut 75’

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How many days you have as Master/Mate while holding the Master 100?

I forgot how many days it was, but I went from 100 GT Master to 500 GT Master based on 720 (I think) days AS Master or Mate while holding the Master 100 ticket.

If you get the 500 Master I think its “30 days and a TOAR” for Mate Towing…something like that anyway.

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I’d second this - everyone up on the lakes is desperate for people.

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I would guess I have two thousand days as master/mate while holding a 100 ton. But the bulk of that time is on boats less than 100 tons. Just requested my sea service records.

Thanks for the tip. Located on the West coast. I’m interested in a path that would allow me to upgrade my license.

Thanks to everyone for the input.
After mulling this over I’m leaning towards the Mitags 3rd Mate unlimited apprenticeship program. However, forking over 38k for school while paying my mortgage and not really being able to work for two years is an interesting hurdle though. So I’m contemplating how to make that work.

Pull the Master 500 checklist off the NMC site. You might be qualified for National Master 500. Youll need BT and advanced firefighting.

I think you need 360 days as Master Mate over 50 GT, 1080 days total with 720 holding a Master, Mate, or OUPV ticket. Something like that.

Not sure they do this anymore, but when I got my 500 Master, I also received 1600 ton mate with 3000 ton ITC mate endorsement. This was quite a while back.

My opinion is probably different than most of these guys. You wont learn ship handling as an AB. With your 500 ticket in the gulf, your hands on, getting stick time doing real boat handling. Those skills transfer over to tugs. If the goal is Mate Towing, pretty sure the Master/Mate 500, and “30 days and a TOAR” is the quickest way.

And I thought there were some TOAR simulator courses available. Not saying that’s the best way to do it, but for someone with experience, it might be the fastest.

If you want STCW for Master 500, you’re going to need a lot more than BT and Advanced Firefighting. You need all of the assessments and courses for Master/Chief Mate, and if you have never held OICNW, you need all of those courses and assessments also.

Is all that needed for the National license? I thought the checklist just said BT and advanced FF. I recall having this conversation with you a few years ago when I was looking to reinstate my 500 Oceans. Its the reason I skipped it and just went with the 200 NC.

The OP’s going to need it anyway I guess, might as well have the 500 Master if he’s eligible.

No - not needed for the national licensing. BT is not required at all. Basic and advanced FF is required for National 500, but not for less than 200.

But the national 500 licenses don’t do much for the holder if they don’t also get the STCW, which requires all the courses.

No, but a 500 Ton oceans or near coastal license has limited utility without STCW, it’s not valid on international voyages, or on vessels 200 GRT or more outside the boundary line, even on a domestic voyage. Maybe if it’s being used as a step towards Mate/Master of towing vessels, but without STCW it may not get you any more than a 200 GRT license.