Spotlight Recommendations

Any recommendations for good tugboat spotlights?

Who are the best US or Canadian vendors to buy them from?

get the most expensive and from ‘ship supply’ and NOT plastic !!!

Take a look at the ones at West Marine.

I’m looking for something much bigger and more commercial than anything west marine has.

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I would stay away from these. If you really need Xenon power then get a Xenon-LED hybrid. Don’t get straight Xenon or straight Halogen. It will fail, and likely when you need it most.

Yes, Carlisle & Finch is the only commercial spotlight vendor I have been able to find.

Interesting, I did not realize that Perko made large commercial spot lights.

Carlisle & Finch units are great…we had a new Xenon unit put aboard last year; 1000W w/remote and the aux heater unit. Great beam with focus and an easy to use control panel. The new power unit has the same footprint as the original '82 incandescent installation in the overhead.