Spending bill funds Polar Security Cutter - Marine Log

oh by the way…the USCG is getting its new icebreaker afterall

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btw, since they are calling it a “Polar Security Cutter” then they’d better be putting some big assed guns on it!

oh wait a minute, nobody has big assed guns on anything anymore…guess they’d better have a special pea shooter and rubber band locker for when the crew goes to GQ

It also funds increases of: $5 million for post-delivery activities for the tenth National Security Cutter; $2.6 million for post-delivery activities for an eleventh National Security Cutter, $5 million for survey and design work to support the acquisition of a Great Lakes icebreaker

The Operational Requirements Document does talk about what they need for special lockers, but I didn’t find this one mentioned. They do talk about the removable weapons systems, but only in the broadest of terms: