Old Salt Blog - Will New USCG Icebreaker Be Torpedoed by the Border Wall?

Will New USCG Icebreaker Be Torpedoed by the Border Wall?

There is a serious crisis at our border. No, not the Southern border, where crossings are at close to a 50 year low. I am referring to our Northern border, the Arctic Sea, where the US has only one heavy icebreaker, the USCGC Polar Star , which at 42-year-old is just barely holding on. On her most recent mission, the Polar Star broke down repeatedly. The Coast Guard also operates a medium icebreaker and a research vessel with light ice-breaking capability.

Now, Homeland Security has stripped $750 million in funding to build one new heavy icebreaker from its most recent budget proposal, allocating it instead to the proposed border wall.

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What about USCGC Healy?

The Healy is classified as a medium icebreaker.


All in the ice ramming capabilities!

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I saw an anti-trudeau ad that was using scary anti-immigration rhetoric that so much reminded me of the tone you hear some Americans taking. I don’t know who I’m going to vote for, but I really don’t want to vote for who-ever paid for that ad. I clicked it away in horror before I saw who ran it, though. I’d much rather have asylum seekers than rhetorical tone like that from my govt. Keep that crap in the movies where it belongs.

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California’s response to illegal border crossing on busy San Diego freeway. Problem? What problem?