Southern States Offshore?

Does anyone have any information about these guys?

Fly by night as they come! Junk boats, routinely sail in violation of their COI’s and other regulations.

Not only that they now have hundreds of applications for the positions available. Not as long as Wal Mart is still hiring. I have heard that the owner is a drunk who loves to come get in your face also. Source worked there.

I looked at their application, pretty routine until you get to the work history part. They ask you who you worked for for the last 20 years. Most of the companies I have worked for in the last twenty years don’t exist anymore or merged with other companies making your verification of employment impossible…I round filed the application…:mad::smiley:

I watched them cut the bulwarks off the Sabine Seal one day and proceed to overload the fuck out of the boat with cargo hanging 10-20 feet over the stern.

Kinda looked like the maritime version of this…

I read your post…I don’t work w/ SSO but I know two people that do and I work w/ one of their ex Capts now. However how can you say that? They have 4 brand new 170’ crew boats and a brand new 280’ DP 2…they have two other OSV’s only one being old. They have been in business a while now and none of their boats have ever been in violation for COI…you really shouldn’t post things that are so un true, “Old Salt”…name sounds like it suites you well.

For Steve Foster: Maybe your mad because you have a long work history…you did apply w/ SSO recently. Stop your BS.

I applied with them about two weeks ago and havent gotten any word back. Not sure if they are just building applications up for something later down the line. From what I’ve seen, they seem like ok people. The stock would go up in my book if they hired me. HAHA