Some questions about my past

Good luck sie

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I would also take into consideration the USCG fit for duty physical. You may have to jump through quite a few hoops with having to seek therapy in the past.

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If this lady got a clearance, you should be good to go. " And, yet, sitting in the Pentagon with a high-level security clearance is Ariane Tabatabai, the Iranian-born Biden military aide who reportedly is under investigation over an Iranian influence operation whose tentacles reach deep into Washington’s military and diplomatic establishment — and nobody in the government will explain why.

Eyes on Tehran

Not only is Tabatabai the chief-of-staff to the Pentagon’s assistant secretary of defense for special operations, Christopher Maier, but, according to Navy sources, she recently became a US reserve naval intelligence officer.

Tabatabai has completed her five-month training at the Center for Information Dominance in Dam Neck, Va., according to a fellow officer, who spoke on condition of anonymity and expressed concern that Tabatabai retains her security clearance, despite the counterintelligence investigation.

The officer says Tabatabai would receive access in her reservist intelligence role to such sensitive information as staff rosters and movements of US ships and submarines in the Persian Gulf, all of which is clearly of interest to Iran amid the current Gaza conflict.

“The Navy has been actively training her to be an intelligence officer and giving her access to, not just what she has in her civilian job, but access to all the need-to-know information that a reserve unit has,” says the officer.

“This naval reserve [role] gives her more clearance and access. Everyone she has contact with in the Navy intelligence realm is now potentially outed.”"