Some questions about my past

I am not here to sugarcoat what I did. But I made threats online which led to the fbi questioning me. I also was in court nearly a decade ago because I had a restraining order filed against me. I went to court and the judge dismissed it without prejudice. I have come to fully regret what I did in the past and want to move forward, which is why I’m considering a career at sea.
Will this line of questioning/ court appearance hinder me from pursuing a career afloat, in regards to getting a TWIC and a MMC?
Thanks for answering!
-I was never charged or convicted of anything.

You’ll need to tell us a little more about yourself before we know if your lack of a record disqualifies you from joining the ranks of disreputable and incorrigible seamen.

Do you at least have some face tattoos?


Is there a particular question on either application that concerns you?

The TWIC website lists a few things… you should go there and read. Unless your threats were against a flight crew or transportation facility, I didn’t see any disqualifying issues.

Please reference the exact question that you are concerned about.

You’ll be fine

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Just tell the truth on your application. They can find out more than you think. You look ok based on your post.

No I don’t have any face tattoos. I made threats online against someone. They (rightfully) reported me to the fbi. The fbi (suggested) that I go to therapy. Which I did this was about 2 years ago.
And for the restraining order I went to court and the judge dismissed it without prejudice. I’m just really worried and if j should put it on a note or something when I submit my application to the REC.

I’d apply and be truthful. Worse comes to worse you are out a few hundred bucks or you will have some hoops to jump thru.

There are plenty of characters out here that have ‘shady’ pasts for lack of a nicer way to put it. Everyone has a past.

If you live within driving distance of an REC it may be worth it to talk to someone in person if you are concerned with spending the money without knowing you’d be a definite approval.


I agree with Ctony that you should apply and be truthful. However, do not offer anything that they haven’t specifically asked for. Seriously, get both applications online. Print them out and start writing. Post your question to any specific things that they ask. I think you will see that there is nothing to disclose if you have told us everything. You can read the exact reasons for denial online for the TWIC… Do it! Read it! I posted what the NMC considered a conviction in my first reply. Get the application and read it! Don’t make something out of nothing.

Good luck.

You have no convictions! So no problem

You were investigated by the FBI, but not arrested, prosecuted, or convicted. So what.

Someone sought a restraining order against you. The judge denied it. So what.

We have guys out here with MMCs who have serious convictions and who have done prison time.


That may not be the best advice The issue will be whether the outcome constitutes a conviction as defined in 46 CFR 10.107. The application question is yes or no, so answering “no” could be viewed as trying to conceal the outcome if it is determined to be a conviction for credentialing purposes. I recommend including specifics of the outcome, including relevant documentation if you have it.


Have to agree with Mr. Cavo here. Although the Coast Guard only looks at convictions during the application process, you do have to be aware of the broad definition of conviction used.

From 46 CFR 10.107(b) (which is essentially what is printed on the form posted before):

“Conviction means that the applicant for a merchant mariner credential has been found guilty, by judgment or plea by a court of record of the United States, the District of Columbia, any State, territory, or possession of the United States, a foreign country, or any military court, of a criminal felony or misdemeanor or of an offense described in section 205 of the National Driver Register Act of 1982, as amended (49 U.S.C. 30304). If an applicant pleads guilty or no contest, is granted deferred adjudication, or is required by the court to attend classes, make contributions of time or money, receive treatment, submit to any manner of probation or supervision, or forgo appeal of a trial court’s conviction, then the Coast Guard will consider the applicant to have received a conviction. A later expungement of the conviction will not negate a conviction unless the Coast Guard is satisfied that the expungement is based upon a showing that the court’s earlier conviction was in error.”

Here is a link to the TSA website that includes their list of disqualifying convictions:

Disqualifying Offenses and Other Factors | Transportation Security Administration (

If by some chance you do get disapproved, there are appeal processes for both the TWIC and MMC applications.

That’s a shame. That’s a prerequisite for getting an entry level MMC.

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He was none of the above. Check mark “No”…

Is he was never charged with any crime how could “the outcome” possibly constitute a conviction under ANY definition?


I’m not assuming that. It’s not uncommon for defense lawyers prosecutors and even judges to say charges will be dismissed when in fact the actual disposition is something that would be considered a conviction. But sure if he feels lucky he can just say no. But if he wants the MMC without delay he can
be cautious and provide supplemental info.

Note also my response was to the dubious advice to say nothing. I didn’t suggest answering yes. I suggested saying no and giving the supplemental info That also helps in the not unheard of possibility that an arrest is in the database and no disposition or an inaccurate disposition.


Neck tattoos above the collar line are acceptable as well.

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He said he was never charged, not that charges were dismissed.

He never mentioned ever being arrested either.

It’s a funny world that perceives advice as dubious because it doesn’t account for the likely possibility that the government has lied and/or mislead you.

But we must account for such things… Good catch!

You’re right win. You win.

Hi all. After reading the replies I think I will just go to my (local) REC or at least the one in my state. And have them explain to them what happened in person. And for all the people that replied thank you for your help. I called and emailed the NMC and they said I should be fine. But I just want to err on the side of caution.
Thanks again!