Some climate scientists call for immediate phase out of fossil fuels in virtually all forms


I have been both to Arnhemland, NT and to Tasmania so that is no news to me.


But it is to some.


Far from the Australian outback there two areas that is far more vulnerable to global warming; the Arctic and the Antarctic, or more specifically the Arctic and Southern Oceans. What happens here affects the entire food chain in the oceans and thus the food for a growing human population.

Here is an article from Barents Observer that explains what happens in the north:


You are not unique. Most people don’t associate Pakistan with winter tourism either:


Even the Oil Industry is feeling the heat from global warming:


I was aware that the traction battery charged the 12 volt battery but I was interested in if anyone had used a plugin hybrid to do the same thing through the charging plug.
The way I see it the power would be drawn from the traction battery until the battery dropped to the predetermined level when the combustion engine would kick in. The way I see it the engine would run periodically as the electrical load cycled as in my case with 3 freezers and two refrigerators being the main load.
When we lost the power for a week I ran our generator during the day and shut it down at night and at times the generator would have been running on a very light load. We retired to our trailer at night with its gas powered heating and cooking and solar charged battery supplying light and TV.


i hadn’t thought of that, might be a very workable setup, good on fuel I would think, but not DIY, at least not for me.

I think Nissan has been looking at home set-up where the power will flow to/from the grid depending on demand pricing.

> Here it is, called V2G, vehicle to grid:

Nissan has been testing different vehicle-to-grid (V2G) systems, which enable electric car owners to use their car’s battery pack to feed energy back into their home or grid, with the Leaf for years now.

With the launch of the next generation Leaf, Nissan now unveils a new EV ecosystem, including a scheme to offer free power to owners with a V2G system.

Since Tesla launched the Powerwall, its home battery pack in 2015, several other automakers have launched similar products leveraging their electric car battery pack development.


Australia Fears Blackouts as Heatwave Takes Toll on Grid

Australia’s grid is teetering on the brink of collapse as the country battles to maintain reserve generation capacity during the worst heatwave since tracking began.

Australia’s Heat Wave Is Torching the Continent

Australia—which is in the midst of its summer—has been gripped by a heatwave since November that continues to break records across the country. According to the Guardian , the country recorded its hottest December on record; five of the ten hottest days on record are from last week. The extreme temperatures have killed bats on a “biblical scale,” as well as over a million fish in a river in the southeastern region, according to the Independent. The Australian government’s Bureau of Meteorology blamed climate change for the heatwaves in their 2018 State of the Climate report, and warned of “further increases in sea and air temperatures, with more hot days and marine heatwaves.”


In my area in the earlier 2000’s we had some extremely cold weather and wind storms. Power lines were down and people began stealing the copper wire to sell to get money for Kero for their space heaters.
Power companies had been giving CEO’s two million dollar bonuses
instead of trimming the trees along the lines so people were without power for months. Later Helicopters with huge hanging gang saws were hired to trim the trees after the Public Utilities Commission had hearings.

One day on the Local News an Electrical Engineer was interviewed who showed his Toyota Prius that he had hooked up to his house to serve as a power plant. He explained that he had wired in a make-to-break device which would isolate the Prius from the Grid such that if the power came back on that the device would disconnect the Prius and immediately connect to the Grid. Then he could disconnect the Prius and drive it once again.

He stated that if he had to refuel the car there was a gas station near by and he could disconnect from the house long enough to go fill the tank… He showed the reporter an extension cord just inside the hatch
that was part of the cars equipment. I think that’s what he plugged into the house.

Here’s a video where a guy shows how to do it


Yes. It’s a big drought and a big heatwave as I said in my comment further up. But here again we see the alarmism of our BOM saying it’s all caused by climate change. Most scientists, even the alarmists will never ascribe a single event eg a drought to climate change but will couch it in terms of “climate change will increase the likelihood of these events” or “this drought is consistent with climate change”.

If you agree this is the case, how do you explain the worse droughts and heatwaves I’ve linked to above happening at times well before the climate scientists decided we stared to fry?

And kindly explain what severe climate events are NOT linked to climate change (cunningly defined in any number of ways but taken to mean human-caused global warming) noting we’ve been told freezing weather is also a symptom as are thousands of other things.


some water skiers posted some old photos of the Hawkesbury river dry way back, if you told me I wouldnt have believed it ever happened.
Same with other rivers in OZ, record flood heights and dry happened lots in the past and that only in out short 200 yr history


Somebody is seeing opportunities in the changing climate, with drought likely to be more frequent in some parts, while it may be wetter at others times. Heavy and more intense rain doesn’t necessarily mean more usable fresh water, only moor floods .

The fact that Norway have a steady source of water that is not dependent on changing weather is part of the business idea of a new company set up to export clean fresh water to areas with shortage:

The water source is intended to be from a hydro electric plant in Tafjord, after it has done it’s job of producing power. A simple rinsing process will ensure particle purity before loading onto tankers for transport to markets in Europe and beyond.

Here is an artists impression of the facilities in Tafjord:

No, the people behind this idea are not some blue eyed dreamers with a fantasy but a group of hard nosed businessmen with a varied background, incl. in shipping.


Some time ago someone floated the idea of towing captured water from the rain forests of BC to Southern California but BC nixed it.


The case appears to meet a different attitude here in Norway:

But of course there are many things for the council to consider, here as everywhere in a democracy:


I’m guessing the BC’ers reached their decision following a similar process.


Why wouldn’t you all LOVE this idea? It takes one hell of a lot more mariners to move all the world’s cargo in clipper ships. Jobs for all and then some! It might even get where the last thing you remember was drinking in San Francisco and then you wake up a day out of port bound for Shanghai with a bucko mate threatening you with a belaying pin if you don’t put your back into it!


I think that there would have been more dire consequences if the volcanoes had occurred with a population of 7.5 billion people as we have now. We have had a best case climatic scenario for the last 10,000 years or so. Any major disruption to this fortunate run of favorable weather is bound to have disastrous results.


Svalbard is warming more rapidly than the rest of the world, which is a problem for both people and animals living there:


Good response. Suffice t to say that it is no surprise that the major greenhouse gas, namely WATER VAPOR escapes unscathed, gee wonder if its due to not being bale to figure out how to tax it?? Well thank Allah that Ms Cortez is proposing shutting down domestic air traffic. Finally a sensible plan, always have disliked the silver spoon aviators. Finally they are being targeted for being very n-green besides punching holes through the clouds, resulting in who knows what kind of atmospheric changes…