Some climate scientists call for immediate phase out of fossil fuels in virtually all forms


I’ve decided to do away with my smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, and renter’s insurance. There hasn’t been a fire in my building in 100 years. No reason to think there will ever be one.


The amateurs don’t have the resources of a major government organisation. They had to reconstruct the raw data I believe by transcribing temperatures from the original hand written records. They had to fight to get those. The BOM refused access to computer raw data. It’s not their job to be the government. Their job as they saw it was to make the government do its job properly.

The BOM doesn’t want to be shown up by a bunch of amateurs so they obstruct access to the data even to fellow scientists, refuse access to their model that homogenises data by reference to distant stations, refuse to justify step-changes in the data records, they refuse the normal scientific method peer review, they have obfuscated when the government allowed a review process and evaded the issue in that review.

What other evidence do you need that this organisation is not acting scientifically, not acting properly, has an agenda? US and British equivalents are probably doing the same. In the US a study found a vast number of the stations were not fit for purpose and had to be modified or simply shut down. Check the photos of thermometers in concrete jungles, near airport runways, next to air conditioners etc and tell me you can trust their data and those responsible for it.

Many climate scientists have noted that the global temperature data is not sufficient for the purpose of projecting anything useful decades ahead. Yet without the proper justification we bow to this new god and vow to mend our wicked ways and strangle industry, pay vast sums extracted from the poorest to hope/fervently believe we can trim the temperature at century’s end by some tenths or hundredths of a degree.

Put simply I don’t agree with the consensus and I feel strongly about it. I comment here as a lifetime mariner because the subject pops up by others. I see strange obsessions with sailing cargo ships to save the world. I’m a master of square rigged sail and have been for thirty years and I can assure everyone that sailing ships won’t save the world. Feel welcome to try but why?

Enough for now. Australia Day long weekend is upon us. Time to enjoy.

I’ll add this source to counter the reference to the BOM telling everyone they are wonderful.


You’ve obviously done a calculation which includes the value of your posessions and, interestingly yourself, and found not much of worth to save or insure. The decision is yours of course.


A sweeping generalisation for an island continent. Did you know Australia has a huge area of avalanche free snow ski fields? We were told they would disappear. But we ‘deniers’ skied anyway on something cold white and slippery. Don’t know what it was.


Huge is your word. Snowy Mountains aren’t exactly huge and may not be all that snowy for much longer, so enjoy it while you can.


Many records have been smashed during Australia’s latest heatwave. Most notably, on 17 January Noona in New South Wales recorded Australia’s warmest ever night with temperatures remaining above 35.9°C (97° F). Canberra has also had four consecutive days of temperatures above 40°C (104° F) for the first time.


Are you suggesting that heatwaves have never happened before? Are you suggesting this was caused by humans? State your case.



Didn’t say that, did I? I specifically said “avalanche free” which many other ski fields are not. And when will they disappear? Give me a date that can be checked. As we say here, “Avago, mate”.


I see you have yet to read the link to Dr Jennifer Maroohasy. She’s an expert and she deserves to be read before you post from one side about Rutherglen. Read her, then comment please. There are things that should spark your desire for the scientific method to be adhered to.


Rutherglen was/is important is it had the same thermometer for 80 years.
I dont think anywhere else in the world can claim that, hence real data versus?


yes true, best way to describe UTM that we use in the OnG business is the world is flat.


The price of a MW hour Thursday afternoon in the state of Victoria was the maximum allowable by law $14500 thanks to renewables. Brown coal used to do it at about $40.


An electrical supply company has just started a trial with using electric vehicles as a back up power supply in case of a blackout using a beach community where the grid passes through a protected forest subject to numerous outages in winter. The EV back feeds through the charging port rather than the limited supply that YouTube shows using the EV’s 12 volt battery and an inverter.
I am aware that Honda has a unit called a Honda power exporter 9000 that does this but I am sure that there must be some way to use a plug in hybrid to do the same job but I have found little information.
For those of us in the country most thinking people have a generator to keep our freezers and bore pumps going in warmer climates and heating in cold climates functioning. My main problem is that my generator is gasoline where as I have a bulk tank of diesel because the majority of my machinery uses diesel.


That the world is flat and pinhead is the centre of the universe is the best way to teach celestial navigation to the neophytes. Oops I forgot we don’t need to teach it anymore. I am always appreciative of your comment.


Just some history as to previous heatwaves in Australia for general consumption. What we have now is a beauty but not unprecedented.


Either you don’t have enough snow or the slopes are not steep enough to have avalanches.
Either way, not much of a ski resort. NZ is a short flight away though.


Maybe they should get a new and more accurate thermometer? The old one may have been stuck on the same temperature for best part of the 80 years.


From the traction battery through the charging port is far better but through the 12 volt battery by inverter is not limited by the amp-hr capability of the 12 volt.

The setup with the LEAF is the 12 volt battery is recharged by the 360 volt traction battery when the vehicle is on. If the vehicle is off the 12 volt will discharge.

If the 12 volt battery is dead the car will not “start” even if the traction motor is fully charged. Has to be jump started to open access to the traction battery.


I agree. Australia isn’t such an international drawcard for skiers but we nevertheless aren’t entirely subject to just one climate that might be the outsiders view of us.