Small push boat measurement


A friend is looking for a small push boat under 26 feet in length to use in construction jobs as there is no operator license requirements for them.
46 CFR 170.055 defines LOA as horizontal distance between the forward-most and after-most points on the hull and exclude bowsprits and certain appendages. It follows that push knees would also be excluded but I can’t find any specific reference to them. I’d rather not assume anything. Anyone here have knowledge in this area?


The people that build these little boats know. A lot of them are standard models. Ask how they measure them.

Any boats on the market being as under 26’ will probably have a track record of acceptance as under 26’

Never know what some farm boy from Nebraska who has been in in the USCG for five minutes and who has a tape measure might think.


Look at the specs on Robbins maritime website , they have a hand full of those “trucks or tugs”


My dad built one and while planning, he asked some USCG people about how to make sure there were no ‘short tape measures’ issues if it came down to that. Short version: he built it 25’6” INCLUDING bow and stern bumpers. They’re not that hard to build provided you have the knowledge and space. And funds. And can weld. He made some serious money with it before he sold it.