Licensing requirements for operating our company workboat

I am seeking information on the following:I own a 40′ workboat, and a 110′ spudbarge, I hold a 500T master NC,do I need additional license (such as MOTV) to pull/push my own barge?I am not a tug for hire , is only used to pull my own gear in domestic waters near coastal.Can we apply for a WSE (work site exclusion)?

Yes. You need MOT for any boat over 26’ long to push any barge. There is no exception for your own equipment.

I’ve had office people tell me that since its not for hire they didn’t need a MOTV…i always disagreed and continue to disagree. If you are moving a barge with a towing vessel over 26’ then you need a towing vessel license no matter who owns it. If you wanted to avoid licensing, every towboat company would just list any joe shit the ragman they find as the owner to be legal. Same as when they often move a barge they also own.

What will the NTSB, USCG, every lawyer on earth think when you hypothetically take out a railroad bridge and kill a few dozen people? Licensing was a non-factor as he was working for himself, or, will they say the guy had a MOTV with up to date physical, radar endorsemend, and a few years of experience? Which sounds better?

Time to sell the 40’ and get a 25’ tug


then only time that being an owner of your own tug over 26’ would not require MOTV is if you are NOT engaged in ANY form of commercial operation

(ie. pleasure tug towing your own barge with a trailerhome on it just like in South Loosiana!)